Rainbow After The Storm

These past few days in Houston have been filled with so many different emotions, it is hard to comprehend let alone put into words. Hurricane Harvey left so many Houstonians and Texans displaced this past week and the damage is immeasurable. Although our staff is safe, we cannot stop thinking of all of the other people we saw on the news and around us that were deeply impacted. The first thing we could think to do was call all our brides and see if anyone needed our assistance. Thankfully our phone calls were met with attitudes of graciousness as no one we spoke with experienced significant damage. 

Our next step was to find organizations that were accepting donations or immediately helping families in need. As a bridal boutique, we have decided to directly assist relief groups such as the Texas Diaper Bank and Higher Dimension Church with their efforts in giving back to the Houston community impacted by the storm.

The next few weeks and months will be tough but as the last few days have shown, we are a city that bands together when it matters most. These past few days have been filled with sunshine and even a few rainbows after the storm, which are gentle reminders that better days are ahead.

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